Game crashing or going slow? Look for answers here.

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Game crashing or going slow? Look for answers here.

Postby jgibbs » Sun Apr 28, 2013 10:12 am

If you have come to this page because 4x4 Adventures is giving you difficulties, I'd first like to say I'm sorry you are experiencing a problem. This game was built for the sole purpose of enjoyment, and when that's not what you've received it's something that I am not happy about either, so where possible I'll do my best to get you up and running so you too can enjoy the game.

Device compatibility

A quick note on device compatability and capability - 4x4 Adventures is capable of loading on more than 2500 android devices which makes testing the game on all devices a technical impossibility. Due to the heavy physics processing required, many low powered devices may run the game with less than desirable performance. Although the Play store gives us the option to limit which devices can download the game, it was decided that it should be made available to everyone so that even if the game does not perform at its intended level, everyone would at least be able to give it a go. If your device simply doesn't have the power to run the game, I hope that you can enjoy it at a later date with a newer device.

Force closes and Application not responding

The single most common cause of 4x4 Adventures force closing is running out of memory. This can be caused by a number of factors, though the most likely cause is simply that the device itself doesn't have enough memory available at the time of loading the game.

When a startup crash occurs due to memory overload, 4x4 Adventures detects that this has happened and the next time it is started it will run in low-memory mode. If the game still doesn't start a second time, you can try restarting the devices to clear out memory used by other applications and retry. If it still does not work, then chances are that your device simply does not have enough memory to play the game.

If the game does start in low memory mode, then you can start playing with the options to get the balance between acceptable game performance and visual aesthetics just right.

All of the options for performance settings are located in the 'Game Settings' bubble of the options tab.

If you are experiencing a game crash, you can help me help you by reporting the crash through the options provided by your device to report the error. In the comments box you are given, put a brief comment or note with something recognizable - maybe your name - and then send an e-mail to identifying what you put in the note. By matching the crash report that comes from Google with you, it offers a much higher chance of tracing what's gone wrong and getting a fix out.

Performance Settings Reference

Disable in-game background
Enabling this option turns off the background scenery when playing the game. This will increase game performance on all devices, but more so on devices with low-end graphics chips. When disabled, the background is replaced with a single colour that is similar to the original background art.

This option does not reduce memory consumption, as the backgrounds are still loaded and used throughout the menu system.

Simple terrain texturing
Enabling this option turns off the tiled texture that is painted onto the ground in the game. This will increase game performance on all devices, and quite considerably on some due to the complexity of painting irregular shaped large objects.

This option does not reduce memory consumption, as the tiles are still loaded into memory.

Simple physics
Enabling this option reduces the complexity of the physics world that needs to be calculated and will increase overall game performance. Specifically, the character physics are disabled and it becomes a solid object (except in vehicles where the puppet is exposed i.e. the motorbike). All external accessories such as can aerials are removed, and the physics engine is put into a low-resolution mode that makes less calculations per second.

Please note that with this option enabled, sometimes objects may act unusually, such as passing through each other if they have enough speed. This is an unfortunate consequence of the way physics engines work on low powered devices.

Preload graphics
Generally this option should be left enabled. At startup, the game attempts to load all of the graphics it will use throughout the game to ensure that it does not fail while running. Disabling this option will make the game load more quickly from the icon, but it will take the extra time to load the other graphics when you first start a trail. In the end, this option uses up no more or less memory, it just adjusts when the graphics load into the game engine.

Low memory mode
Firstly, if a startup crash occurs, you will be put into this mode automatically. You must turn the option on in the settings to force it to always be enabled.

When enabled, this option will use up the least amount of memory possible for the game. It prevents loading of background scenery images for both the game and the menus, forces the 800px scaled graphics to be used regardless of device resolution, and does not load some of the scenery elements of the game.

The reduction in memory footprint when using this option is very significant. Any other option used to reduce memory further will have no effect when this option is enabled, as it turns them all on as part of its process.

Disable background scenery
The background scenery images for the game take a reasonable chunk of memory to load, and enabling this option will provide a healthy memory saving. A restart is required, as this option occurs at load time.

This is also an important option to enable with some small devices which reportedly do not support textures exceeding 1024 pixels in width or height and simply crash when an attempt to load them happens. The background sceneries are all 2048 pixels wide in 4x4 Adventures.

Use low-res scenery
This option saves a considerable amount of memory by using low-resolution versions of all game scenery and vehicle textures. The quality of the images are heavily reduced, but the savings in space are extremely high. This option occurs by default on devices with screen resolutions at or below 854 pixels wide.

Force HD mode
In contrast to the memory saving modes, if you are using a device that has a screen resolution at or below 854 pixels wide, and you know it is capable of handling the HD graphics within the game, you might like to force the 1920 graphics set to be used with this option. In particular when zooming into the scene, this option will make the viewing experience much more pleasing.
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