If you can't buy the accessories, read this

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If you can't buy the accessories, read this

Postby jgibbs » Thu Apr 18, 2013 8:37 am

If your game screen does not appear to be centered, and selecting accessories it not working, you most likely have a device that does not centre its view the same way as most others. In this case, go into the game settings bubble on the settings page and enable the 'Screen cetering fix' option. When the game is restarted, the screen should display correctly, and the buttons should be aligned properly with their touch areas.

Original post:

On some devices we have an issue with the centering of the screen which we're trying to find a fix for.

If this affects you, the touch location on the screen will be slightly higher than the labels on the screen. In particular the accessory store has small price labels which might seem like they don't work. If you touch slightly above them, they should work for you.

As soon as we've got a fix for the game engine we use (AndEngine), we'll get it out so that your experience matches how the game is meant to be.
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