Startup crash solution

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Startup crash solution

Postby jgibbs » Fri Aug 31, 2012 8:51 am

Some devices may have issues with the openfeint trophy system which is used for storing awards against an openfeint user account.

If this crash happens and you get the 'application has stopped working' message, just start it again and the game will do its best to detect that this has happened. When it restarts it will disable openfeint. If you want to try to re-enable openfeint, you can re-enable it from the settings page. If it crashes again, then your device is incompatible with the version of openfeint used in Slippery Sid, and you will need to leave it disabled.

In-game awards are unaffected by this problem, so you will still be able to achieve all of the unlocks in the game even if you can't use openfeint.
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